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Online and offline support for various problems related to the main engine starting, stopping and speed control,For marine professionals on board a ship, troubleshooting engine room machinery problems is one of the most important tasks that they have to deal with on a day to day basis.Marine engineering training alone is not enough to undertake effective and efficient engine room operation and maintanance.In addition to basic marine engineering training, a great deal of hands-on industrial experience is required for the same.Through hands-on experience, trained marine engineers understand and master vital techniques and ways of engine room maintanance.

trouble shooting marine service

At SMEC, we believe in this principle and follow it’s ways to the very basics. Our team of engineers are some of the best an most experienced in the field with years of solid work experience and unrivaled expertise.Our approach towards maintanance and troubleshooting is completely reliability, safety and performance driven. We follow only the right approach to understanding and learning the machinery and the system.

The SMEC approach towards Troubleshooting involves the following basics we follow to a T:

  • Acquiring inside-out knowledge of the machinery in context.
  •  Understanding proper starting and stopping procedures and codes of the Machinery in the engine room completely.
  • Proper interpretation of the manual provided by the makers of the machinery for complete understanding of the interface involved specially in relation to the troubleshooting.
  • Understanding basic parameters and their analysis in comparison to past records.
  • Taking important factors such as electricity, water, air, oil and temperature into account, we create a general understanding of the entire process in context including deep understanding of the work performed by every machine involved. This includes power source information and layout reading.
  •  Looking for the most basic of errors and faults primarily even when the components may work fine the malfunctioning of guages and parameter display panels are a possibility.
  • Identification of abnormal parameters.
  • Identification of parts or components of machinery in fault.
  • In case of failure to identify faulty component, a reverse technique that rules out properly functioning components to ultimately reach the faulty ones is set in motion.
    -Logical analysis of the situation once the faulty component or error is identified.
  • Checking its connection and functions in relations to other components that may affect their respective functions.
  • Immediate and complete rectification of the identified problem.
  • The completion of repairs is punctuated with a complete evaluation run to ensure error free performance.
  • In case of recurring problems, a rerun of tests and tracking performance and functioning of connected components is done inculcating methods and perspectives that are different from the primary troubleshooting procedure.

Quality is a promise with SMEC. The sheer number of works completed with flawless perfection and finesse is a matter of great pride for everyone at SMEC.
Join hands with SMEC and let go of problems and fears. Join us on our journey towards Perfection.

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