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These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) postings serve as an on-line resource for people looking for an education in automation technologies. The FAQs address topics related to the training and placement facilities at SMEC.

I hope all of the postings provide the answers you’re looking for and offer a starting point for asking and answering more questions. If there are questions you have that are not answered here, please let me know.



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Do I have to be there for you to work on my boat?

No, you do not have to be present and more often than not, we don’t get the opportunity to meet our clients. The majority of our communication is via phone and email. Clients who provide flexible access to their vessel, such as combo or key location, are processed in a more timely fashion.

How often should I run my engine?

We recommend running your engine twice a month for at least 30 minutes in gear above idle. The health of your engine will decrease if not run and left sitting.

What is an engine survey and what is included?

An engine survey is a visual external inspection of the engine. It is sought after when a client is interested in buying a vessel or for insurance purposes. The survey includes the visual inspection and a written report of the technician’s observations, recommendations, and a rough estimate of repairs. Upon request, a sea trial, compression tests, or oil samples can be provided at an additional charge.

How do you charge?

Each service is billed on a time and material basis from portal to portal. This can depend on your engine model, parts availability, boat type, and location and access to your boat.


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